Saturday, 26 May 2007

Inception of Project Chimera

PARS has begun the initial research phase of Project Chimera, code name for hybrid.

Chimera is an attempt, by PARS, to design, build, test and fly, a hybrid rocket rocket motor. It could take years. The first step is some serious learning and research.

The most common hybrid configuration is a rocket engine composed of an inert solid oxidising propellant (for example a plastic) lining a combustion chamber into which an inert gaseous propellant (for example NOX) is injected so as to undergo a strong exothermic reaction to produce hot gas that is emitted through a De Laval nozzle for propulsive purposes. Designing and building such a rocket is non trivial.

The workshop facilities at local schools attended by PARS members will be enlisted in the effort should we get to Build Phase. A skilled machinist is a prerequisite. And while hybrid motors are considered "safer" than solid motors, there are still many important safety considerations to take into account.

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