Monday, 4 June 2007

Nitrous is the only way to go

Lately, I've been reviewing some of the videos of so-called hybrid motors tested on YouTube, and most of them appear to be using oxygen directly, not nitrous oxide. It is very easy to build a test motor on oxygen for bench test, and really does not require any complex skills as far as I can see. And oxyogen is completely inpractical for an actual motor. Far too dangerous.

So, for Chimera projects we shall be focussing on nitrous oxide (otherwise known as laughing gas or NOS). This is not to be confused with NOX which is a generic term for any single nitrogen atom molecule oxide. NOS got its name from the company that first made nitrous oxide for boosting internal combustion engines.


M said...

Oxygen is feasible but let's keep this for when we move on to liquid based fuels in due course - eg kerosene and LOX.

webmaster said...

You cannot be serious!