Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Olives, O-Rings and Gas Jets

Gradually, we are starting to assemble the parts required for the B0 motor. Today, Nitrile O-Rings turned up from RS Components. They can withstand temperature to 135C. Viton would be better to 200C, but we cannot yet find a source for them in the right size.

Also from RS Components, we purchased some spare 3/16 olives for the pressure fitting.

eBay was our next port of call. We needed a Gas Jet - not easy to find. It permits the release of the Nitros (venting) just before the motor is ignited. We could not find a Gas Jet from a commercial boiler, but found they are also sold by model shops for small model engines, e.g. Mamod. The only issue may be that being a model Gas Jet, the hole is incredibly small. We could not get a .3mm drill bit into the hole. The hole might be as small as .1mm. How to find out? That's the next challenge. The hole must be large enough to permit proper venting.

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